Mycrosoft Dynamics


“Make Smarter Decisions and take instant actions that drive your business by Implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP in your business.
Adapt to today’s crucial business challenges with the next generation ERP Solutions”

Get a customized ERP system with accelerated implementation and technology options matched to your specific business needs. Infusion provides you the exact solution, that is scalable and robust. With us, you can now quickly increase your ROI and enjoy greater affordability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

“Utilize digital intelligence to create the technology that fits your business Combine Intelligent Applications with our “Microsoft Dynamics 365” Maintain a clear view of your customers with our business customized applications

Unify CRM and ERP capabilities with “Microsoft Dynamics 365”. Infusion solutions is the best technology partner that provides its clients with a peerless combination of quality, consistency and predictability. The Microsoft dynamics 365 work seamlessly together across sales, field services, customer support, operations, financials, marketing and project service automation.

Start with what your business needs and add applications as your business grows

Our Services

Our team is highly competent to offer the best solutions designed depending on your business. Inculcate Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your organization for handling:


Get the complete 3600 view of your customer’s business on a single platform. Deliver personalized customer experiences, at every interaction by offering a new understanding of their journey.


Turn your customer relationships into revenue by including digital intelligence in every deal. Sell more while staying focused.

Finance and Operations

Modernize your business operations and enhance your financial performance. Increase profitability, reduce operational expense and optimize workforce productivity.

Customer Service

Retain and manage customers for life by utilizing the detailed information from our streamlined software. Use the information to offer best-in-class customer service.

Project Service Automation

Run your projects more efficiently and productively using dynamics 365. Satisfy your clients by giving a complete view of the clients to your employees. Create a profitable relationship and scope to grow.

Field Service

Turn your Service calls into a business advantage with dynamic 365 for field service. Get complete information that your team needs -from optimized scheduling to maintenance.


Engage customers to your online store with dynamics 365. Our technology empowers retailers to create insightful, and exceptional shopping experiences.

Our strategically designed Microsoft dynamic 365 helps you address key business challenges just at the tip of your hand
  • Enhance Business intelligence
  • Increase sales and customer service effectiveness
  • Optimize Sales process and Activity Management
  • Build stronger client relationships
  • Generate new opportunities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Capture all Customer Touchpoints to generate a single view of your customer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Attract, Engage, and retain your customers with strategically developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Business CRM

Take complete control of your business procedures by enhancing your customer interaction, managing your data and analytics with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Manage your relationships with your customers, by centralizing customer information, streamlining processes, providing analysis, and enabling highly responsive customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management solutions help businesses of all strata to improve marketing activities, sales, service engagement and enhance the customer experience. With the right service provider, you can market smarter, sell effectively, and deliver amazing customer experiences.

How Infusion ‘s Microsoft Dynamics CRM works?

From the first contact, purchase till post-sales support, achieve the capability to create, maintain and gain a clear view of the customer. Infusion solutions have the right and upgraded tools to enhance sales, marketing and customer service processes. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

With infusion Solution, as your Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, you can now maximize every opportunity that comes your way. Access data on any device, drive the best process flows and stay tuned with the latest upgrades and customer needs.

Our Clients

"Our goal is to provide a loyal service that keeps our clients happy."